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The Alpine Anorak: An Homage to the 10th Mountain Division

Zari SadriComment
The Alpine Anorak: An Homage to the 10th Mountain Division

When we were designing our Alpine Anorak, our team looked to the rugged uniforms of the famed 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. military for inspiration. This elite alpine unit trained in the mountains of Colorado in alpine skiing and maneuvers to prepare for deployment to Europe during WWII.



The men of the 10th fought in the mountainous regions of Europe, where their training served them well. Many of the early recruits had never been on skis, let alone spent time at altitude.  Their uniforms were designed to suit the rugged terrain in which they'd find themselves during deployment. Glacier goggles, waxed canvas Anoraks that repelled water and snow, and wooden skis were all part of the standard issue kit. 


Equipped with an arm pass pocket, waterproof membrane, and a side zip for easy entry, this is not the Anorak the 10th would have worn, but we hope in some small way it pays homage to this incredible group. Many veterans of the 10th became avid skiers and went on to found many of the ski resorts and ski schools in the United States. The spirit of camaraderie, love of the outdoors, and passion for skiing that were instilled in the men of the 10th have no doubt contributed to skiing as we know it today. We've upgraded this classic pull-over piece with a number of design details to make life easier for the modern day Gentleman Skier. 

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Crafted in a rich British Millerain Waxed Canvas fabric, the Alpine Anorak suits a number of different wear occasions, from drizzly fall weather to mid-winter snow storms. We'll wear it layered over an Oxford on the way to the office, or over a wool sweater when the temperatures start to drop. The waxed canvas will age beautifully, becoming wrinkled and patina-ed with time.

Shop the Alpine Anorak (now available in XXL sizing) before the first snow falls.