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Alps & Meters Knitwear: Designed by Tradition

Zari SadriComment
Alps & Meters Knitwear: Designed by Tradition

There is nothing quite as stylish as a proper ski sweater. Layered over a turtle-neck, or, even more handsomely, over an oxford shirt, the annals of ski history are full of knitwear. Worn as outerwear in warmer temps, or layered under Anoraks or Parkas in winter conditions, knitwear provided early skiers a flexible, versatile, and most importantly warm mid-layer for alpine enthusiasts. 

Our newest knitwear collection, including the Ski Race Knit, Classic Waffle, and Alpine Guide Sweater is inspired by the style the first alpinists brought with them to the slopes. 

Classic Waffle 


It’s no secret that natural fibers, such as the custom Shetland wool garments made for the 1953 Mount Everest expedition, have rivaled their synthetic counterparts in terms of insulation and moisture wicking performance. Likewise, old-world weaving and stitching methods such as waffling, ribbing, and tuck stitching to this day continue to deliver warmth, comfort, and range of motion essential for cold weather activities. Our Classic Waffle is woven in a familiar pattern which traps heat close to the body.  

Alpine Guide Sweater


Travel to, and within, mountain environments has offered alpinists a sense of freedom and wonder since the dawn of skiing in Norway during the late 19th century. Back then, and not too long ago, a proper ski sweater was considered standard equipment for winter adventures. In the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s knitwear offered skiers a versatile expression of performance and style that defined a traditional aesthetic born from the roots of alpine sport. Our Alpine Guide Sweater is equipped with a chest map pocket, thumb holes, and waxed canvas panels for snag-free ski carrying. This piece is as utilitarian as the vintage guide sweaters it was inspired by.

Ski Race Knit


The classic Ski Race Sweater has long identified an individual as a member of the racing class; those fast, adventurous souls with a spirit drawn to the mountains. As sharp in appearance as the edges on which they carved their turns, ski racers' form fitting clothes offered low drag, maximum comfort, and the opportunity for stylish, on-mountain self expression. Our Ski Race Knit is fitted and protective, with elements of appropriate padding and ergonomic engineering.