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Alpine Utility: The Touring Collection

Zari SadriComment
Alpine Utility: The Touring Collection

Any Alpinist knows…packing the wrong gear can make a tour through the mountains more arduous, less comfortable, and at times, downright dangerous.

We designed our Touring Collection with style in mind, sure, but also utility to provide practical features & benefits for whatever the mountains may throw your way. Here’s a primer for the ways in which your Touring Collection pieces are meant to accompany you through the season.

Touring Oxford


The Touring Oxford is inspired by the traditional dress codes that influenced early athletic apparel. Sportsmen of the day made few modifications to their daily garb for athletic pursuits, and as a result the collective dress was handsome, yet perhaps lacking in some practicality. We’ve updated the Oxford with a sweat-wicking Merino weave that keeps you warm in cool conditions and cool in hot ones. Layer over a base layer such as the Touring Crew or Henley, or wear with jeans to dinner once off the mountain. Stylish, and infinitely practical, this piece also offers durable four-way stretch reinforced panels on areas that may see increased friction from carrying a pack or skis.

Touring Vest


When we were conceiving of our first Touring Collection, one of the first garments to spring to mind was a vest that could provide ample, accessible storage, and moderate body temperatures for three-season touring in the mountains. With limited cell reception, and navigation being of utmost importance, the Touring Vest features a sizable front map storage pocket with built-in lens cloth and interior zip pocket. 80g Polartec® Alpha insulation provides warmth to your core while preserving all-important breathability.

Touring Crew

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A sweat-wicking, quick-drying base layer is an essential year round. Our Touring Crew is the perfect summer tee for when the temperature begins to rise, and a first-class base layer when Autumn rolls around. Woven from ultra-soft Merino wool, this piece pulls moisture away from the body and is naturally anti-microbial. Durable stretch panels at the shoulder mean a boot-pack won’t snag at the shoulder of your shirt.

Alpine Rucksack


The pack you carry on tour might just be as important as the gear that fills it. In the mountains, comfort and weight distribution is key, allowing ample space to pack the essentials like a shovel, probe, food and water. Our Alpine Rucksack (currently sold out, sign up here to be notified of restock), features 39 liters of storage space, durable leather and waxed canvas construction, and ample pockets and organization for goggles, boots, skis, and tech. Hydration compatible, this ergonomic pack provides a handsome alternative to bright goretex in the mountains, while keeping you equally safe. A high visibility interior and signal whistle on the chest strap help out in emergency situations.