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Our Touring List: Spring 2018

Nick SapiaComment
Our Touring List: Spring 2018

We designed our new Touring Collection with travel in mind, whether to warm weather destinations or the Southern Hemisphere to chase the endless winter. Lightweight, packable, and sharp, this capsule is meant to take you wherever your passport does. Here are a few of the destinations we've got in our sights this spring and summer. 



As we were creating our spring touring collection, one image continually popped into our heads: the wildflower-laden Swiss Alps. Travel to the Alps is always at the top of our list, but this year we're yearning to explore the Swiss alpine during the warmer months. From hiking trails to kitesurfing, adventure isn't hard to find. More our speed? Tea and Champagne at Badrutt's Palace




Alaska is stunning year round, but in the spring and summer months, when we're hoping to get out with a fly rod, there's nowhere we'd rather be. Our friends at Expedition Broker offer a range of guided fishing trips to every corner of Alaska. While we've yet to test it for ourselves, many Alps & Meters customers have told us that the new Touring Vest makes a perfect angling companion. 



One of our favorite European cities, Innsbruck is ringed by mountains and offers easy access to the charms of the city and the surrounding forests and mountains. Once you're done exploring Innsbruck, hop the Zillertalbahn railroad to the Hintertux Glacier for some spring skiing, one of only two lift-serviced year round ski resorts. 



Approximately 60 million years ago, the Toros mountain range 500 miles east of Istanbul was born, and pressure from the Anatolian plateau formed highly active volcanoes. Lava spewed, cooled, and warmed over the years, giving way to a valley of incredible spires across the valley. The resulting landscape is otherwordly, with dwellings and underground tunnels carved into the hillsides. Every morning, hundreds of hot air balloons flood the area, giving visitors a chance to watch the sun rise over the "fairy chimney" rock formations. While previously, this was a place where few other than archaeologists would travel, Cappadocia now features world class hotels and restaurants. Our pick? The Museum Hotel, a Relais & Chateaux property carved into the rock, and decorated with priceless Turkish antiquities.