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The Holiday Gifting Guide

Zari SadriComment
The Holiday Gifting Guide

When it comes to what to wear in the mountains, we’ve got some opinions. Handmade beats mass market, classics are always in fashion, and natural materials beat gore-tex by most measures, not least of which when it comes to style. We’ve put together a holiday gift guide meant to inspire your choices, and equip those who join you in the mountains with a selection of timeless essentials for life in the alpine.

For Your Mom:

Our women’s knitwear collection is beautiful, soft, and extra cozy for chilly winter mornings by the hearth. The Classic Cable is timeless and perfect for any woman in your life. Our moms love it.

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For Your Ski Buddy:

A pair of Hestra gloves is never a bad gift choice. Our pick? Their classic Fall Line glove pairs nicely with any of our traditional alpine sportswear and performs even better than it looks.


For Your Brother:

The Alpine Rucksack is the pack we designed when we were sick and tired of carrying a pack that looked like it belonged on a post-college Euro trip. Sophisticated and polished, yet capable of everything necessary for your touring expedition and then some, this is our choice for the family member whose gear could use an upgrade.


For You:

We’ve had our eye on these rugged hikers from Grenson for some time. In The Rake’s words, these boots are “cut to channel the timeless elegance of early twentieth-century explorers.” We can’t think of a more perfect fit for your favorite broken-in denim or a pair of our Alpine Winter Trousers. Shop below via our friends at The Rake.


For Your Wife

If your wife hasn’t already told you this Lindsey Thornburg cloak is on her list, she probably hasn’t seen it yet. Born in Aspen and based in New York, Lindsey is one of a handful of designers authorized to re-work and iterate on pieces from the storied Pendleton Woolen Mills, which has been weaving wool since 1863. Crafted from classic Pendleton blankets, these beautiful cloaks are lined with silk rayon, and feature a swingy fit and an oversized hood. Perfect for layering over Alps & Meters knitwear on winter days in the mountains and an investment piece that will win you gift-giving points for years to come.